Here are just some of the best and most informative resources about poverty:

The New Jim Crow: How Mass Incarceration Turns People of Color into Permanent Second-Class Citizens,” Michelle Alexander

The 1963 March on Washington’s Strategy for Defeating Poverty,” Algernon Austin

The Unfinished March,” Algernon Austin

Unions: The Best Fix to Poverty,” Dean Baker

Policy Basics,” Center on Budget and Policy Priorities

The SNAP Vaccine: Boosting Children’s Health,” Children’s HealthWatch

The Prospects for Reducing Poverty are Dismal—Unless America’s Leaders Change Course,” Sheldon Danziger

Poverty in America: Why Can’t We End It?” Peter Edelman

Fact Sheet: Paid Sick Days”, Jane Farrell and Joanna Venator

Food Hardship Data,” Food Research and Action Center

TANF Cash Benefits Continued To Lose Value in 2013,” Ife Floyd and Liz Schott

Most Adults in Poverty Marry and Have High School Diplomas,” Shawn Fremstad

People Living Below the Poverty Line Today are Better Educated than Ever,” Shawn Fremstad

Supplemental Security Income for Children with Disabilities,” Shawn Fremstad and Rebecca Vallas

Talking About Poverty as a Jobs and Economy Issue,” Shawn Fremstad

Inequality is the Main Cause of Persistent Poverty,” Elise Gould

Poverty and Opportunity Profile: Disability,” Half in Ten and Consortium for People with Disabilities

The Safety Net: An Investment In Kids,” Hilary W. Hoynes and Diane Whitmore Schanzenbach

The Expert Testimony of Tianna Gaines-Turner,” Greg Kaufmann

The Myth of the Exploding Safety Net,” Richard Kogan

Rich Man’s Recovery,” Paul Krugman

Childhood Poverty Among Latinos,” Mark Hugo Lopez and Gabriel Velasco

One Person’s ‘Welfare’ Is Another Person’s Ticket to the Middle Class,” Elizabeth Lower-Basch

Markets, Wages, and Fighting Poverty,” Lawrence Mishel

Fact Sheets,” National Women’s Law Center

Women are 76 percent of workers in the 10 largest low-wage jobs and suffer a 10 percent wage gap,” National Women’s Law Center

The War on Poverty at Fifty,” Alice O’Connor

Poverty in America is Mainstream,” Mark Rank

Care Work in America: An Interview with Nancy Folbre,” Russell Sage Foundation

Antipoverty Programs Having Big Impact, New Government Poverty Measure Shows,” Arloc Sherman

Poverty in Early Childhood Has Long and Harmful Reach,” Arloc Sherman

Poverty Rate Would Nearly Double Without Safety Net,” Arloc Sherman

Poverty Would Have Fallen Last Year if Jobless Benefits Hadn’t Shrunk,” Arloc Sherman

Contrary to ‘Entitlement Society’ Rhetoric, Over Nine-Tenths of Entitlement Benefits Go to Elderly, Disabled, or Working Households,” Arloc Sherman, Robert Greenstein, and Kathy Ruffing

Why Deficit Reduction Must Protect Effective Low-Income Programs,” Arloc Sherman

I Was a Welfare Mother,” Larkin Warren

The Rising Challenge of Poverty in the Suburbs,” Margaret Weir