Trump’s America

Episode #68

Trump’s America

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With our heads still reeling, this week we begin the task of dissecting what our country will soon look like under a President Trump. Congressman Xavier Becerra kicks off the discussion by laying out how we can maintain progressive momentum for programs like Social Security in this wild-card political landscape. Next, Rebecca talks with famed TV producer and political activist Norman Lear about his work on America Divided, a docu-series that pulls into focus entrenched inequality in our country—something we’ll want to keep a close watch on now more than ever. And wrapping up this week’s program is Nelson Schwartz, a business reporter for the New York Times who takes us behind the scenes of some of the factory workers depending on Trump to make good on his promises to save their jobs. But first, Jeremy Slevin returns to shatter one of the biggest post-election myths: that Trump won the election because of low-income voters.

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