The One Percent

Episode #56

The One Percent

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Almost no one—just the wealthy estates of 2 in 1,000 Americans—pays any estate tax. And yet, conservatives have renewed their call for repealing the tax under the guise of helping working families. For a history of the estate tax, its role in addressing inequality, and what the consequences of repealing it could mean, we are joined by Harry Stein, Director of Fiscal Policy at the Center for American Progress. We also continue our summer reading series with journalist David Dayen, whose book, Chain of Title: How Three Ordinary Americans Uncovered Wall Street’s Great Foreclosure Fraud, examines how mortgage companies used false evidence to kick millions of families out of their homes, and how three ordinary Americans fought back. Alan Pyke of ThinkProgress then joins for another installment of the Weekly Worst, and we say goodbye to Tracey on her final episode of TalkPoverty Radio as she leaves CAP to move out West.

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