Episode #63


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It’s fairly common knowledge that payday loans—advertised as quick and easy cash—routinely trap borrowers in endless cycles of debt. Less known is that state-level attempts to regulate them have proven largely useless. But the Consumer Financial Protection Bureau proposed comprehensive rules that will rein in predatory lenders nationwide. To unpack how these regulations will help borrowers and to celebrate the close of the comment period, Joe Valenti, Director of Consumer Finance at the Center for American Progress, joins the show. Next, with the election just weeks away, we turn to the topic of ID cards. To discuss recent developments in voter suppression, and how barriers to documentation can impact everyday life, we sit down with Liz Kennedy, Director of  Government and Democratic Reform at the Center for American Progress, and Laura Durso, Senior Director of the LGBT Research and Communications Project. But first, we kick off the show with Jeremy Slevin to discuss the biggest news in poverty this week.

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