Is Your Life Worth as Much as a White Man’s?

Episode #67

Is Your Life Worth as Much as a White Man’s?

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One of this week’s most egregious revelations is that white and male victims in personal injury cases receive larger awards than people of color and women. No, you didn’t misread that: Their lives are literally judged to be more valuable under the law. Then, the rise of childcare deserts and new research finding that more than half of kids living in rural areas reside in areas with scarce childcare options. Next, we’ll take a look at the heavy toll of mass deportation raids on undocumented workers. And finally, the conservative myth that raising the minimum wage “kills jobs” gets knocked down yet another peg. But first, Brandon Tensley fills in for Jeremy Slevin to make his TalkPoverty Radio debut to highlight this week’s biggest stories in poverty.

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