Harvard Strikes

Episode #66

Harvard Strikes

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This week saw the end of a tense, almost three-week strike that sent shockwaves across Harvard’s campus. At issue? Dining hall employees at the wealthiest university on the planet—Harvard’s endowment hovers around $35 billion—have been scrambling to make ends meet. Here to talk about the strike is Luke O’Neil, a Boston-based journalist who covered the issue. Next, we unpack new analysis showing how, despite conservatives’ claims about being the party of “family values,” it’s progressive policies like raising the minimum wage and expanding Medicaid that strengthen families. Helping us shine a light on the issue are Katherine Gallagher Robbins, Director of Family Policy at the Center for American Progress, and Yolanda Gordon, a mother of three from South Carolina. But first, Jeremy Slevin returns to highlight this week’s biggest stories in poverty.

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