Best of 2016: Part One

Episode #72

Best of 2016: Part One

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2016 has been a wild ride. Progressives have celebrated some key victories—like state-level minimum wage hikes and the Supreme Court decision to strike down restrictive abortion laws—but the year has also been marked by violence, fear, and bigotry. As the country braces itself for the unclear political landscape of 2017, TalkPoverty Radio revisits some of our favorite interviews from 2016—stories that exemplify how far our country has come, and shine a light on the work still to be done. First, we re-air our interview with Matthew Desmond, whose 2016 book Evicted brings center stage how eviction is both a cause and a consequence of poverty. Next, we take a look back at our conversation with Sarah McBride—who became the first openly transgender person to address a major party convention—on the civil rights of trans folks. And finally, we revisit our conversation with Daryl Atkinson—the first-ever “Second Chance Fellow” with the Department of Justice—on how we can dismantle the barriers associated with criminal records.

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