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Episode 76

Who Run the District? Girls.

Donald Trump has been sworn in as President of the United States—and many Americans who object to his damaging policies and hateful rhetoric are protesting. This includes women from all across the country who have descended on our nation’s capital to voice their criticisms of this new political season. Rebecca Traister, writer-at-large for New York Magazine and author of New York Times bestseller All the Single Ladies, revisits the studio to discuss women’s backlash against Trump, including the Women’s March on Washington. Then, Angela Glover Blackwell, CEO of PolicyLink, explains what she calls the curb-cut effect—the idea that programs designed to help one vulnerable group actually end up helping everybody. But first, Jeremy Slevin returns to highlight this week’s biggest stories in poverty for another installment of “In Case You Missed It.”

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Rebecca Vallas

Managing Director of the Poverty to Prosperity Program at the Center for American Progress. Previously, Rebecca worked directly with low-income individuals and communities as a legal aid attorney in Philadelphia

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