Map Key
  • Less than 4 %
  • 4.1 - 5.9 %
  • 6 - 7.9 %
  • 8 - 9.9 %
  • More than 9.9 %
Percentage of households that used high-cost, high-risk forms of credit to make ends meet during 2013. This includes payday loans, automobile title loans, refund anticipation loans, rent-to-own, and pawning.
State Assets and Savings Rate Rank
Wisconsin 2.6%1st
Connecticut 3.2%2nd
New Hampshire 3.5%3rd
District of Columbia 3.8%4th
New Jersey 3.8%4th
Vermont 3.9%6th
Maryland 4.0%7th
Massachusetts 4.2%8th
Pennsylvania 4.4%9th
New York 4.5%10th
Utah 4.8%11th
Rhode Island 5.2%12th
Illinois 5.3%13th
California 5.3%13th
Hawaii 5.4%15th
Minnesota 5.5%16th
Iowa 5.7%17th
Washington 5.7%17th
Michigan 5.9%19th
Delaware 5.9%19th
Oregon 6.0%21st
Alaska 6.3%22nd
Florida 6.3%22nd
Virginia 6.5%24th
Indiana 6.6%25th
North Dakota 6.8%26th
Nebraska 6.9%27th
Montana 7.7%28th
Colorado 7.8%29th
West Virginia 7.8%29th
Louisiana 7.8%29th
South Dakota 7.8%29th
Maine 7.9%33rd
Kansas 8.1%34th
Georgia 8.3%35th
Idaho 8.5%36th
Ohio 8.7%37th
Missouri 8.7%37th
Nevada 8.8%39th
Tennessee 8.9%40th
Kentucky 8.9%40th
North Carolina 9.3%42nd
Arizona 9.4%43rd
Wyoming 10.1%44th
New Mexico 10.3%45th
Arkansas 11.2%46th
Texas 11.4%47th
Alabama 11.9%48th
South Carolina 12.7%49th
Oklahoma 13.1%50th
Mississippi 13.6%51st