Map Key
  • Less than 4 %
  • 4.1 - 5.9 %
  • 6 - 7.9 %
  • 8 - 9.9 %
  • More than 9.9 %
Percentage of households that were “asset poor” in 2011. This is the share of households whose total assets, including any home equity—minus their total liabilities—are less than three times the monthly federal poverty threshold.
State Assets and Savings Rate Rank
Hawaii 16.5%1st
South Carolina 16.9%2nd
Virginia 17.4%3rd
West Virginia 18.4%4th
Nebraska 18.5%5th
Delaware 18.9%6th
Rhode Island 19.2%7th
Maine 20.3%8th
Oklahoma 20.3%8th
Pennsylvania 21.0%10th
Kentucky 21.4%11th
Missouri 21.6%12th
Iowa 21.8%13th
Minnesota 22.0%14th
Wisconsin 22.5%15th
Kansas 22.9%16th
Maryland 23.0%17th
Montana 23.0%17th
Utah 23.0%19th
New Mexico 23.4%20th
Illinois 23.5%21st
Louisiana 23.6%22nd
Ohio 23.7%23rd
Texas 23.8%24th
Indiana 23.8%24th
Colorado 23.9%26th
New Jersey 24.2%27th
Massachusetts 24.2%27th
Alabama 24.3%29th
Michigan 25.0%30th
North Carolina 25.1%31st
Tennessee 25.2%32nd
Washington 25.3%33rd
Vermont 26.7%34th
Florida 27.3%35th
Oregon 27.8%36th
Arkansas 29.0%37th
California 29.2%38th
Idaho 29.6%39th
Connecticut 30.2%40th
Mississippi 30.4%41st
Arizona 32.0%42nd
Georgia 32.3%43rd
New York 32.9%44th
Nevada 42.8%45th