Map Key
  • Less than 13
  • 13.1 - 14
  • 14.1 - 15
  • 15.1 - 17
  • More than 17
The ratio of the share of income going to the top 20 percent of households and the share of income going to the bottom 20 percent of households in 2015.
State Income Inequality Ratio Rank
Utah 11.21st
Alaska 11.92nd
Wyoming 12.13rd
New Hampshire 12.24th
Wisconsin 12.45th
Iowa 12.66th
South Dakota 12.67th
Vermont 12.78th
Nebraska 12.99th
Minnesota 13.110th
Hawaii 13.211th
Indiana 13.312th
Delaware 13.413th
Idaho 13.514th
Nevada 13.515th
Maine 13.616th
Colorado 13.917th
Montana 13.918th
Kansas 14.019th
Washington 14.120th
Maryland 14.221st
Missouri 14.322nd
Oregon 14.423rd
West Virginia 14.424th
North Dakota 14.525th
Ohio 14.926th
Oklahoma 15.027th
Pennsylvania 15.128th
Michigan 15.129th
Virginia 15.430th
South Carolina 15.431st
Arizona 15.432nd
North Carolina 15.433rd
Arkansas 15.534th
Tennessee 15.735th
Kentucky 16.036th
Texas 16.037th
Florida 16.038th
Illinois 16.639th
Georgia 16.740th
Alabama 16.841st
Mississippi 16.942nd
New Mexico 17.043rd
California 17.244th
New Jersey 17.445th
Rhode Island 17.646th
Connecticut 17.947th
Massachusetts 18.348th
Louisiana 18.549th
New York 20.950th
District of Columbia 28.051st