Imagining a Progressive South

Charleston-Shooting Confederate Flag

There has long existed a passionate and driven community of Southern progressives who have pushed not only the region but the entire country.

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You Work Until You Die

Karen Slater Chambers, Social Security Disability Benefits

Many of the long-term services and supports that people with disabilities need in order to live and work are not covered under most health insurance…

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7 Reflections on the ADA at 25

Suspect Dies Baltimore

July 26th marked 25 years since the passage of the Americans with Disabilities Act, and TalkPoverty is commemorating this landmark legislation all week.

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Netroots Nation Roundup

Martin O'Malley, Jose Vargas, Tia Oso

It’s time for a very special episode of the nation’s one and only weekly poverty podcast. This week the TalkPoverty Radio team headed out to…

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The Hunger and Child Care Connection

Food and Farm Childcare Meals

For families that are barely getting by, simply providing their children with three meals a day is a financial hardship and logistical nightmare.

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Big Fat Greek Lie

Greece Bailout

It’s time for another episode of everyone’s favorite poverty podcast! This week we talk to Joan Walsh, Editor at large for, MSNBC political analyst,…

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The State of America’s Babies

WIC Nutrition Carnival

Our shared vision of a prosperous future will be realized only if we have robust child care for babies today.

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Prison-Created Poverty

Prison Relocation

Prison has impoverished me financially and mentally, and so I cling to the hope of having a life worth living.

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Medicare at 50: Then and Now

LBJ Signs Medicare Bill Into Law 1965

Throughout its history, Medicare has been effective at reducing poverty for older people and those with disabilities, as well as increasing access to health care.

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Struggling to Get By on SSI

Texas Medicaid Debate

I’m 72 and I’m broke and can’t afford to live on Social Security and SSI and I don’t really know what to do.

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