TalkPoverty LIVE! is an extension of the ideas, themes, and facts found on TalkPoverty.org about how to reduce poverty in America, lifted off the pages and brought directly to you in a live and interactive conversation via Google Hangouts on Air.

Here’s how it works:

  • TalkPoverty LIVE! will happen regularly and will touch on different topics depending on the guests and new insights and ideas generated on the TalkPoverty blog. If you miss anything or want to share this conversation with friends, all conversations will remain on the Past Conversations page and the TalkPoverty Google+ page.
  • In addition to our featured guests, we want to hear from YOU—tweet questions for any of our guests at the twitter handle @TalkPoverty or post them on the TalkPoverty.org Facebook page throughout the conversation with the hashtag #talkpovertylive and we’ll answer as many as possible during the Q&A portion at the end.
  • At the beginning of each Talkpoverty LIVE! we will lift up an antipoverty hero, acknowledging that the only way we can significantly reduce poverty is through the activism, services provision, research, and advocacy that people do every day on the ground. We at TalkPoverty LIVE! want to feature you, so to nominate future heroes, please email info@talkpoverty.org

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